The core belief shows up in the result

I enrolled myself for the intra-college shuttle badminton tournament . To my surprise I managed to win 3 matches at a stretch to qualify for the quarter-finals. I was placed against Mr. Chezhian. He was Champion Player representing college in the University team. A Champion Player.

My new found confidence was shaken a bit. My mind started worrying about the results. I told myself that I should not lose. It became a mantra which I kept repeating whole day. No Wonder, I lost the match. It was not about my opponents abilities or my inabilities. It was more about the approach. I played the game from the point of view of not loosing whereas he played to win.

Negativity breeds negativity. The approach that I took was negative. Playing for not loosing is not the same as playing to win. Deep inside me, the core belief was fear of losing the game. It showed up in the result.

This is something that has been told repeatedly by experts, gurus, teachers and even parents.

Recently world witnessed a game changer in Europe’s history -Brexit.

If one had noticed the campaign from both the sides, it would not be hard to pinpoint the difference in the campaign style. While it may be simple to write off the campaign of Brexiteer’s by saying they just played populist tune. However, in my opinion, the outcome of the referendum also lies in the style of campaign adopted by the Remain camp. Remain camp was very complacent in their approach. They came late to the party. In fact a very hard campaign from brexit woke them up from slumber. Having woken up, the choices made by the remain campaign actually played against them. The Brexit campaigners were promising good things by choosing to exit whereas the “remain” campaign focused on bad things that will follow brexit. I am not denying the facts in their arguments, but expecting a victory through fear mongering is similar to expecting a victory when you play not to loose a game. The difference in approach chosen by remain campaign vis-a-vis Brexit campaign definitely had a major impact in the final outcome.

Going back to my story, I competed in the next year with a resolve to win the tournament. I won the tournament despite all odds because of my Positive Approach. I played with a positive frame work — “To win”. That was the game changer.

This applies to most of the situations we face in life. When the approach is positive the results will show. The circumstances will favour the one with positive approach. I can substantiate this with one more situation in my life.

It was November 2014. I was the Chairman of the Bahrain Chapter of ICAI. We were having the Annual International Conference. We planned and coincided an entertainment evening for all the delegates on the same day with Bollywood Music trio -Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Around 12 noon the weather condition changed and it started raining. It was a heavy downpour. It continued for more than 2 hours. People attending the conference noticed the heavy rain during the lunch break. Suddenly they realised that the evening program may get cancelled due to rain. In fact the weather forecast showed heavy rain throughout the evening. Members of the Chapter approached me to know whether the show will happen or will there be a refund. My response was “Rain will stop in the next one hour and the evening is going to be great fun”. To everyone’s astonishment rain stopped around 2.15pm. Sky turned clear and the weather turned amazingly wonderful for an outdoor event. Everyone enjoyed.

“Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.” 
Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

When one puts forward the step with genuine positiveness, the results will be definitely positive.

Positive approach multiplies the Positive outcome. Core belief shows up in the result. What is your core belief. Keep it positive.