Totally Disconnected

Last week I had a romantic outing with my wife. We had 2 hours of togetherness. No distractions from any of the smart gadgets. We discussed so many things. I felt it was one like of the days during our courtship.

We had been to beautiful romantic places like Taj Mahal. But this experience is unmatched. Even while standing inside Taj Mahal we could not feel this connection. We had been to romantic dinners in the most ravishing restaurants. Those dinners don’t even stand a chance near this experience.

Do you want to know where we went?

We went to German Embassy in Bahrain to apply for our Schzengen Visa. The Security guards asked us to deposit our mobile phones in the locker placed near the security entrance. It was painful in the beginning. We felt the discomfort of not having connected with the world through the smart phones which only aggravated further when we realised that the visa appointments were running late by almost 2 hour.

It was tough in the beginning. I am talking about starting a conversation. I felt the same discomfort that I experienced before I proposed my love to my wife. But soon I realised that the Art of Conversation is like riding a bicycle. The moment you take the first step, the rest flows. We spoke about so many things besides about our son, his studies, our travel plan. However, these matters filled in about 30 minutes of our conversation. The rest can be classified as sweet nothings.

As we came out of the embassy after the Visa Interview, I got back to the old habit..Checking the smartphone while having a conversation.

My wife said “We should travel frequently”

I said “Yes. Travel is a Pleasure”.

She said “Besides that, waiting for the Visa Interview, At least, I will get 2 hours of undivided and complete attention from you when I speak”

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