Born to be Free

Hi, I’m Nala, and this is the story of two young African slaves who risk their lives to get there freedom and to get rid of slavery once and for all. This story takes place in Agadir, Morocco which is just off the coast of Africa. My name is a sacred name, It means success. I am not the only Nala though, I was named after my great Grandmother Nala. She had died within 2 days before my birthday, after I became 13. My older brother Khari is son of head chief of the village, Chief Abukharai. Khari was named after my great Grandfather and sadly he died within 2 days of his birthday when he became 18. His name means like a king, which is funny because when my father dies he will be like a king, except he is chief. Me and Khari are very close as long as the rest of my family. My mother is the wife of the Chief. She too is head leader of all the woman in the village. We live in a big hut only to suit the family of the chief. This hut is located in the middle of the village.

“Nala, Khari where are you two little rascals!” yelled Nala’s Mother.
“We are here mother!” called Nala and Khari as they were arriving to the hut.
“There you two are I was waiting for you”. Complained Nala’s mother.
“I need you two to go to the trading market , so I can prepare these 3 dishes tonight”. Nala’s Mother continued.
“Couscous,Briout and Taktouka”. She listed.
“Okay, I can do that”! Nala said happily.
“No you can’t every time we go to the market there is some kind of excuse you make just so you can play.”
“Anyways”.Their mother interrupted.
“Go to the market, here 30 Moroccan dirham, now go.”

Khari and Nala went off to the village market not too far from their home. Khari and Nala are now heading home after they bought the things they need to help out with their mother’s dish. Along came a baby chimp running around the two.

“What a small amusing ape.” I said.
“Nala we can’t stop we have to keep heading home mother is waiting for us to bring her these, we don’t have time to stop.
 Khari explained to me as we were watching the small chimp try to entertain us on the dirt road, as we were heading home.As soon as I knew it chimps are thieves and will tend to steal anything from you when you are not looking.The same happened to me. I was distracted looking up at the beautiful sunset.
“What a mesmerizing scene this is.” I thought to myself.

The bright yellow sun setting after a great hard working day. The bright yellow sun setting upon the mountains with white clouds which are turning into pink clouds moving inland, and the bright baby blue turning dark after a good hard working day. Then I felt a hard jolt and the black bag came off my hand.

“Hey, this monkey took the spice bag!” I yelled.
“Get it back!” Khari exclaimed.
“He is running away!” I yelled.
“Catch him!” Khari told me.

As me and Khari stubbled upon the little thief you call a chimp, it took the spice bag and It lead us into the jungle. I stopped upon a small bush which had a little hole that let out a small amount of light. I looked through and…

“Nala!” Khari said.
“Shhhhh!” I scolded at him.
“Why?” He questioned me in a small whisper.
“There are people.” I said.
“Where, stop lying.” He bragged.
“Move aside”. He commanded.

As Khari pushed me aside, he gave a face. The one face where it’s in the middle of disgusted and surprised.

“ That one makes me smile”. I giggled.
“Which one”? He questioned.
“The pumpkin man eating on that nicely roasted chicken.” I said.
“He ran out of chicken and he is practically chewing on the bone.” I giggled.

As me and Khari were speaking the little chimp ran in between me and Khari, and I think one of the people saw me or Khari because it seemed as if he knew I was there the whole time, waiting for me. One skinny man saw the chimp and took the bag. I think the monkey came as a distraction.

“Spices”! He shouted with joy.

I was scared because Khari started to stand up and one of the giant pumpkin people were coming closer to where me and Khari were hiding, In the small thicket bush. He yelled someone’s name it sounded like Clements. Two skinny men came and reached out and grabbed Khari and Me I was yelling and squirming around..

“Let me go” I pleaded.

I was tired of all the chores my mother made me do earlier. I finally gave up and quit and I let the man take me away and the last thing I remember was the pale skinny man who took me away tieing me with ropes.
I awoke on a ship called the Margarida, next to a little girl. She introduced me to her mother her father and herself. Her name is Kourtney K. Brooks. Same age. I called her Kourtney. I saw Khari being sold just like we used to do in Morocco when the bad people made trouble.

Slaves working in the fields

We landed on a whole new land full of new pale people. I was forced to eat and to work and I was flogged for everything I refused to do. Kourtney taught me how to read and write, even though it was illegal to teach a Negro, which is what they called us Moroccan people. About 5 years later, I’m 18, I gained my independence as a freedwoman by taking a citizenship exam. Without Kourtney I wouldn’t have learned to do all of this.

My master turned out to be evil and cruel and Kourtney begged her father for me to stay with them and he agreed. Kourtney caught a cold and later died. Later on I heard the news that my older brother Khari was pierced by a silver ball of hot lead that melted in his body causing him to be poisoned and with the news the doctor gave told me that I would never be with him again.

“Give me what you have”. A man said one day when I refused to work for him.
“I don’t have anything, I swear”. 
“I rather be closer to God than be killed, closer to you or even, work for you pale people.” I said.

He took out a knife and when you least expect it , there is blood gushing out of my body and I lay there in the puddle of my own blood, where my body lay is where know one found me.This was the last time they heard from me Nala, here on and in the afterlife at least now, I can be with all the lost and miserable souls.