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You won’t see a shift as a poster said below the mobile market is mature. There’s really no need to pontificate about “what ifs” unless you can discuss what features are missing in mobile phones. Consumers often are expected to look for revolutionary features as if we all desire the same things. I can tell you from experience that even small Accessibility improvements can literally deliver life changing experiences for some.

The iPhone made smartphones easy enough for non techies to enjoy but lets not fool ourselves into thinking that they suddenly became techies. To many it’s still just a phone. For techies each new version is like Christmas. You awe over how much performance Apple is able to deliver in their Ax SoC just a year removed from the last. You marvel over how this power increase comes with even better battery life. You rejoice over the camera improvements that shave away more annoyances and preserving those memories in the highest fidelity.

It’s not just a small incremental improvement. You are experiencing 20k workers cranking out hardware software and services and delivering just 364 days from the last launch. The most amazing things in life are often the most simple in nature.

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