A combination of methods improved the design

“Welcome on board!”, I said as a group of four co-creation participants entered the meeting room. We had marked a 3.2-metre by 1.2-metre rectangle on the floor with masking tape and asked our participants to imagine that they were travelling in an autonomous shuttle bus without a driver. “How would you as a group of travelers organise the interior of this shuttle bus to make yourselves feel most comfortable?”

The aim of this user-centred design project was to design a service concept and interior of a driverless shuttle bus. Fortum Design was interested in this transportation challenge, which could reduce…

Imagine that in your residential area a nearby supermarket needs cold energy for cooling down their store during hot summer months. When producing this cold energy, warmth is generated as a byproduct. Now, imagine that this warmth could be captured in the supermarket and transferred to your apartment building nearby to warm the apartments during the colder autumn. In the future this will become the reality. Future residential areas must circulate the energy streams in order to lower emissions and their carbon dioxide footprint, which are both necessities when fighting against global warming. …

Hanna Vesa

Head of Design (acting)

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