Hey all, hope everyone is doing well. I have some exciting things happening over the next few months that I’d want you to be a part of.

Updated name

I don’t think the newsletter had a name before, but it will now assume the name of my podcast, Technically Speaking, as I start to build out more content and learning modules associated with it. More on this below…

Moving to Substack

I want to engage with you all with a bit more short and longer-form content, and I’ve found that moving between Medium and MailChimp added a lot of friction to this. Given life, work etc, I wanted to simplify my work streams to better engage with you all with exclusive content directly to your inbox with more frequency.


Harrison Wheeler

User Experience Manager at LinkedIn. Former Design Manager at Zendesk Sell. Midwest born and raised. Connect with me at hello@harrisonwheeler.com

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