Is the CFB Playoff Committee biased?

The initial playoff ranking of the 2015 season showcases brand-name football programs.

The College Football Playoff Committee made a statement when it excluded both TCU and Baylor from its initial rankings of the 2015 season.

TCU and Baylor are still the top teams in the Big 12, not to mention that they are undefeated. Memphis is undefeated and has a win against Ole Miss, the same team that went into Tuscaloosa and defeated Alabama in September. Notre Dame, another one-loss team and a traditional power in college football, was ranked higher than the two Big 12 schools and this year’s cinderella, Memphis.

The truth is the committee seems to have a brand-name bias that has once again reared its ugly head. The same bias that vaulted Ohio State into the inaugural College Football Playoff and gave both TCU and Baylor the proverbial middle finger.

Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports said this of the of the committee’s bias:

It’s same-as-it-ever-was news in the sport. The traditional powers, the laundry, the big names get exaggerated respect. And the have-nots, the outsiders, the traditional paupers are eternally downgraded.

For schools like TCU, Baylor, and Memphis that don’t have the same storied programs as some of the traditional powers, there seems to be no hope of a playoff berth. The committee wants to reserve the biggest games to the biggest names in order to secure the most revenue.