Khudi and Self Learning (Edhi sb, JustStart)

In this paragraph I have choose an example or saying from Edhi sb in which he has expresses AMAL’s Basic Principles Khudi & Amal. Edhi sb Said when I was planning for Big projects my friends had laugh on me they said me “Shiekh CHilli” (a character with big dreams but no actions). They also said me that little always think for little but he never discouraged from these pinching and taunting lines and always replied by smile on his face. He always thought that if “I can begin small, but why I should think small”. Edhi sb has strong determination and will of “Khudi” from which he can assemble his all unleash true power after acting (Amal) on it. I have also face these type of experiences lot of times in my struggling journey because there less promotional attitude than demotions in the people. I have learned from this Inspiring quote and example of Edhi sb that you must never give-up, take initiative, just start by believing yourself.

In my life I have wished always to teach an Arabic language just like English and trying from 4 years to do that but still unable to do this. I want to learn this Language because I want to learn Quran o Hadith by heart and actual meaning, like when I recite Quran in Namaz I must know about what is going to said me by Allah Almighty. I have faced many difficulties like shortage of time due to responsibilities and job struggling etc. I have learned from this experience that “KHUDI” is not only important to do anything there must be some action “AMAL” (Just Start). Now I will keep this practice permanent to make initiative as soon as possible for future goals.

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