Communication is the Key
Ruminations on Leadership

As someone that is used to being in control, and working as independently as possible, I can definitely relate to how difficult it was for you to delegate. It’s not an easy thing to trust people, especially when the work that they are doing reflects back on you as their leader. I agree that communication is definitely the key. In one of our first Thursday classes, Helene had all of us tell stories to each other that we felt explained some of our values, or something about our personality. It was amazing the difference that this exercise made in how I looked at my classmates. I knew so much more than their name; I knew how to relate to them and how to understand their opinions and their feelings. While it probably would not be possible to do this in your work environment, even just having a conversation with coworkers can make a huge difference, whether it’s about the job or something completely non-related. Once that foundation has been set, it allows you to delegate intelligently. You can get a better idea of how they work, how they think, and what they can reasonably accomplish. Also, it makes it easier to approach them and have a conversation about what you’re expecting, or to tell them that they may need to do something differently to achieve better results.

— Kiersten