Small Group, Big Web
Ruminations on Leadership

Hi Tessa,

WOW! I loved this post! I certainly understand where you are coming from with a handful of the same people taking on all of the leadership roles and everyone else shying away. I see it first-hand with my roommates and I, where I am very involved on campus and two of them are barely even in any clubs. After talking with them, I have learned over the years that they see how stressed out I am with all I have on my plate and know that they could not handle the additional stressors in their busy college lives. It is not like they do not want to get involved… they just know the limit of when they are spreading themselves too thin. That is a lesson, though, which I think many of us still need to learn (especially our fellow classmates in this specific course). Distributing leadership positions among several people instead of just a handful of students not only gives us a break, but allows other people to get involved, too!