Small Talk Between Introverts and Extroverts
Ruminations on Leadership


I sincerely enjoyed reading this! I am an ambivert according to personality tests, so I never gave much thought to how someone who identifies as either extreme, whether introvert or extrovert, may perceive an interaction such as typical small talk. You made so many points that opened my eyes to the emptiness of small talk. In this particular realm, I would say that I align more as an extrovert. I don’t mind chatting about the weather as long as myself and my conversation partner are smiling and sharing positive energy. This, in a way, seems like a connection being made. However, such conversations usually take place solely to fill silence. I never really learn about anyone just by asking them if they know the forecast. The author you quoted is certainly right in saying that small talk can create barriers instead of drawing people together. I realize that if I simply discuss upcoming weather events, I will miss opportunities to get to know others. This, in turn, could make me seem unapproachable and insincere. I’m so glad that you shared your perspective about desiring purpose in conversation. This is something that I hope to be more cognizant of in the future!


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