The Best Leaders Need Help Sometimes
Ruminations on Leadership


I totally agree that the ability and the desire to ask for help is an essential quality of a leader. I personally find a lot of value in learning from the perspectives and experiences of others, and the first step of learning in this way is asking for feedback and assistance from others.

I found it interesting that you chose to discuss something that you see as a personal flaw. I admire that you were able to identify an area of improvement for yourself and research the topic. I think that one of the most key points in your post was that you acknowledged that you don’t always need to bear a burden on your own. The quote you included was perfect for emphasizing this sentiment!

Overall, I think your post was very insightful. I especially liked how you included the discussion from Erika Anderson stating that leadership is not a solo activity, but one that requires interaction and support. I know that I would not be nearly as successful without my fabulous support system and without seeking ideas and opinions of others. I think that you will find this type of interaction very useful in your future endeavors!



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