Lead by example, not by always saying “yes”
Ruminations on Leadership


I think this was a great topic! It’s very relevant with some of the discussions we’ve had in class. In one of my previous posts, I wrote about how my automatic answer tends to be yes, so I appreciated reading this blog about how saying yes is sometimes too easy, and saying no can be considered an ability of an accomplished leader. I really liked how you brought values into the conversation too. One of my primary values is helping others, so this is a reason that I say yes so often. Additionally, I enjoy learning from the values and perspectives/ experiences of others, so I am almost always willing to take new tasks on as learning experiences. I find that I almost always say yes for the right reasons that do align with my values.

Since I barely allow for any thought process before saying yes in some situations, I think it’s important for me to put more time into my answers. I can weigh multiple possibilities and ways to split up work or collaborate before providing an answer in the future.


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