Through the eyes of a Giver
Ruminations on Leadership


I like how you mention that givers should try to give mainly to other givers and matchers to “encourage the trend of giving.” This ties back to what we were talking about in class the other day about “paying it forward” and passing things on to other people so that better results can be obtained. As someone who identified as equal parts matcher and giver, I agree that if we encourage members of society to embrace their giving side, then we could create a culture where giving is the norm because matchers would then lean toward their giving tendencies. Also, if giving became the norm, it wouldn’t be as easy for people to take advantage of the givers, and they wouldn’t be getting burned out as often. I also really like how you mention that giving while keeping your self-interests in mind is important. This is something else that could keep you from overextending yourself and getting burned out. It’s easier to focus on only a couple of areas that you feel passionate about, because then you can make more of an impact and stay motivated to keep giving and encourage others to give.


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