Being a Boss Vs Being a Leader
Ruminations on Leadership


I love how you make the important distinction between being a boss and being a leader. Those who hold high positions are not always good leaders; and sometimes amazing leaders don’t hold high positions. The ideal picture will be one were both things go hand to hand, but sometimes that is not the case. What I do believe is that regardless if one is a leader, a boss, or a team member empathy is key to succeed. Empathy is what makes a world a better place and humanity more sensible towards each other. Just like you, I found empathy to be a trait a leader and a boss must have, since this will enable to him or her to relate to other members of their team and achieve their goals. As a leader and a manager myself, I can say it is possible to incorporate both without loosing empathy. I do believe it takes time to find a way to incorporate both, but is not impossible.

Attn: Ashley M.