Scratch your own itch

As one approaches the 20s (later if you are lucky!), one starts to realize one’s parents are not invincible. They have health issues. The problem I felt was that every time some new problem happened, it was a surprise. I am sure it was not just because I felt my parents were eating healthy, had no bad habits, were exercising etc. Even the people that should probably expect problems are caught unprepared when bad things actually happen.

This feeling of unpreparedness is really frustrating. It would be nice if there were some list of resources to deal with these situations. A lot of the problems that arise in these situations are unnecessarily new. There are several products that exist to handle issues that crop up, but awareness is lacking.

So, we at Gludo decided to launch user-based shops. Users who are stuck unprepared in unfamiliar territory, need a list of all use-cases that an ailment will entail and, thus, a union of all products from all use-cases implied by the health event. We call this union a user-based shop, with curated products that are relevant to that situation.

The first of these we are launching is the Gludo Silver Years shop. We showcase here the products that may be required for older users facing various issues from age.

Each of these specialized shops will be organized into sections. Thus, Silver Years is organized into

  • Mobility Aids
  • Health Monitoring
  • For Active Parents
  • Bedside Care
  • Household Comfort

One of the most irritating parts of recuperation is being stuck at home, not because the doctor has advised rest but because some aspect of functionality required for getting out and about is impaired. For some people it is knees. For some people, it is balance. For some, it is strength. For some, it is a specific other local problem. The great thing with the rise of the long tail in commerce is that products have arisen to serve these niches. Some of the old products had problems which have now been handled e.g. walking sticks would easily fall down. If you had bad joints, which was often the reason for needing the walking stick, having to bend down to pick it up was doubly annoying. Enter the upright stick with its own support.

Once parents have recuperated, there is often ongoing monitoring required. Some folks prefer to get even routine stuff like glucose or BP done by a doctor or lab, but it is much more convenient and regular to do it at home. There is a plethora of home-use monitors that can be deployed for the need and we have selected the most common ones.

Once parents recover, they get moving and travelling or they can get more comfortable at home if they prefer the grandkids to come to them! We cover some of these needs in the next two sections.

As they get older, some changes and assistance to personal, daily care are useful for them to continue to feel self-reliant and to maintain their dignity.

We will be launching more user-based shops soon. Ideas for new shops, as well as products to include in them are very welcome.

So that’s how we figuratively scratched our own itch. But, if you want to get really literal about it, check out this backscratcher.

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