HNB ONE-YEAR Anniversary — HNB Rewards For All Members

Dear HNB Community,

It has already been one year since HNB was founded! We are very thankful for all of the support we have received from our community. To express our gratitude, we want to give back to our community members. We have decided to give all users free HNB rewards. The details are as follows:

1. Existing users (at the time of this announcement 14/3/2019), will receive 2 HNB. Also, if any users have a balance of 10 HNB or more on their CoinBene account, they will receive an extra 2 HNB as a reward. Please note, you must provide a screenshot of your CoinBene account balance.

2. New users who register before 24:00 31st March, 2019 will receive 2 HNB as a reward.

3. The HNB rewarded is open to be traded on CoinBene exchange at any time.

4. HNB Core will examine the reward targets when necessary, in order to counteract those who use unjustifiable acts to gain HNB rewards.

5. HNB rewards will be directly transferred to the user’s HNB wallet address

6. This announcement takes effect immediately

* Please click the link to activate the HNB rewards in your account.

* Please provide the screenshot to for manual review.

Note: HNB Core reserves all the rights for the final explanation of the above incentive policies, and HNB Core has the right to make adjustments at any time according to the actual development of the program.

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HNB.ECO team