The Importance of Wedding Stationery in a Wedding

Whether it is a big wedding, or economical affair, each and every girl has dreamt for fairy tale wedding and attractive wedding stationery. If you are the bride, then you have every right to get the most adorable ones of the lot. The essential stationeries will depend on the type of wedding you have whether it is formal, casual or a destination. But it is your responsibility to find out the actual desires of your guests. It is also the perfect way to showcase your personality and choices. For covering this enthralling project, you can take the valuable assistance of HN Invitation.

HN Invitation is a composition of aesthetic glamour and culture. It not only provides you with eccentric collections of wedding stationery and accessories but also makes your guests overwhelmed with customized wedding cards that are full of elegance. So, here HN Invitations flaunts with pride, the exclusive designs from a bunch of creative designers.
Engagement Invitations:
The wedding flavor starts with the occurrence of engagement. You can go for an e-card but personalized wedding cards do make for a pleasing beginning to the journey wedding. You can also give information about the theme or dress code for engagement in the card.
Save the Date:
It is a polite way of sending “save the date” — especially if you are having a destination wedding. Even if the majority of your guests are travelling far from then it is better to provide them with plenty of time to plan their trip. It will be all the more beneficial for your guests if you add your wedding website or an information card with the “Save the Date.”

Journals for beginning the process:
A plan is very important for a perfect beginning of a wedding. A journal can help you in a lot of way. Just a cute interesting diary details can help you to chart out your bridal journey. Choose the one that is easy to carry in your bag, one that has additional spaces for visiting cards and fun stickers etc. 
Bridal Shower/ Bachelor Party Invitations:
This is a function where mostly all the boys and girls enjoy their spinsterhood or bachelorhood for the last time. If you are arranging for your best friend, then keep your planning a secret. Also invite with beautiful tags, little knick-knacks and also a thank you notes that HN Invitation will provide you. 
Wedding Invitation Cards:
HN Invitation provides perfect wedding invitations that are the best way to invite guests with personalized wedding cards. These cards will obviously make the guests attract for attending your wedding. You should know that wedding cards always give the first impression of your wedding style. That means: Wedding card + Envelope + Sangeet / Mehendi cards.
Thank You Card:
You do not have to go here and there for searching a proper thank-you card for your guests, where HN Invitation is always there for your service. These also let you play the part of gracious host, particularly if you are having a large wedding and you do not find time to talk extensively with each and every guest.
Map/directions card:
If your venue is too difficult or tricky to find then you should provide your guests with map cards that are not familiar with the area. As of now, directions are easily found on smart phones or GPS. But if your wedding is in a limited connectivity area, then consider including map cards for your guests and don’t let them get lost. 
Wedding Itinerary:
Wedding Itinerary is a must for all destination weddings. This is the only way by which your guests will know the exact timings where and when they to go. Include contact information, a timeline, key locations and dress code notes, along with any other important details specific to your event. 
Favor Tags:
Do not forget to use a favor tag especially for gifts for guys and girls separately. As you know that men get bow ties and women get bangles, but your guests may not know. 
Menu Cards:
This menu card is given to the guest for all the delicious details of the food being served. Your mouth must be watery with the site of the menu-card.