The Evolution Of Modern Day Sunglasses

Have you ever wondered how did everyone’s favorite accessory come to be? Yes, you guessed it right, everyone’s favorite accessory — sunglasses! One pair of them and you are highly likely to feel more stylish than ever before. The earlier sunglasses that we can date back to is almost 2000 years back when the Inuit people made a sort of eyewear from walrus ivory in order to protect themselves from snow blindness. These were shades mainly to cover the eyes and in the middle there was a little slit in order to help them see but at the same time, block the sun out.
After this, Nero; a Roman emperor witnessed fights of gladiators via gemstones like emerald which fulfilled the purpose of keeping out the glare of the sun. The aim was mainly to help the emperor not to squint during a fight to death. It is said that the eyes reveal the feelings inside hence, Chinese judges wore quartz on their eyes in order to seem without any expression or feeling as they heard the cases that were being presented in the courts.
Before all of this, sunnies were used in a different way. For example around 1700, an English optician with the name, James Ayscough, made lenses with the tint of blue and green with the aim to rectify the impairment of vision. Another example is from the 1800s when these tinted lenses gained popularity and were being prescribed openly to syphilis patients as a symptom of the disease is sensitivity towards light, hence, the aim of 1700 was still being applied but in a prescribed manner now.
Whatever happened after this is another times topic! For now, if you are searching for your favorite frame shape of sunnies then there is a huge variety of sunglasses out there are here are a few:

1. Aviators
2. Browline
3. Retro Square
4. Cocoon Sunglasses
5. Round
6. Sport
7. Cat Eye

The brands that you can get at a famous sunglasses designer are:

1. Bolle
2. Costa Del Mar
3. Guess
4. Harley Davidson
5. Kenneth Cole
6. Maui Kim
7. Oakley
8. Suncloud
9. Wiley-X