|| 08 19 16 ||

A Friday that full of kinda “emotional” events.

That day is the 32th month since I’ve lost my grandmother. Even though she’s not my biological grandma, but still she have been so close to me, to my heart, that on the point when our parents was not home, she’s the one who take care for us, she is the one who is on our side when we had ill. She is the one who taught us how to properly cook fried rice, step-by-step. She taught me how to wash clothes and plates, then even how to clean the whole house. I learned too much things through her help.



I stopped talking with this very important person for me. I ended up our communication because maybe to make ourselves free (?). It was not that easy, but its the most accurate way so that we will both focus on our studies. Yep, I miss that person, but uhhh nvm. Our last talk was 08 20 16 — 12: 24 mn. Gegeg byeee.

03 15 16 — 08 19 16


There must be a good reason that you’re gone~

This entry might be posted last August 21 but due of we didn’t have wifi that day, hm yea heyeye ☺