|| 08 27 16 ||

Theatrical Play
El Filibusterismo

A Saturday that full of fun. Grade 10-OLBS were went to SM farview for the theatrical play that I think a part of our performance task for second quarter. That day was very tiresome because of waiting, we didn’t got tired because of too much works but because of waiting for how many hours. But yea, its fine.


As I saw my report card, I’ve immediately search for my lowest mark, then when I saw it, I was slightly shocked because my lowest grade was 89, PERSTAYM, then as I expected, its arts and music. Then did you know when your father didn’t know what is the meaning of being “CONTENTED”!? He wanted my average to become 95 for the next quarter!?!? BES!?!? 95!?!? JUST WAO!?!? ITS 95 BES!! AYKENT GAHD!?!? I WISH I COULD ☹ FOR THE LAPTOP ☹

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