10/05 Teacher’s Day

That day, Wednesday, is a very special day to our special heroes — our teachers. Aside that, there is a competition namely “mini me”, wherein students impersonates some of their teachers. But one of them became the best of the best, and that is Andre Kurt Molas of Grade 10 (PROUD FRIEND/CLASSMATE HERE😂). He impersonates Sir Wilson, on his very first word, everyone laughs, shouts, claps, because he really got it. He really got Sir Wilson’s attitude, the way he speak, and the way he deliver it. Totally Sir Wilson. So no one could regret his very entertaining performance.

“Kuya sabihin mo k chen mya uwi kau agad...d2 kami pacific dinala ko papa E.R....” — Text message from mama.

I was shocked because I don’t know what happened, and its too late when I read the message, Harold went to the hospital already. Then I immediately goes to the hospital (around 6:00 pm), I walked along the street of Placido (likod ng placido; yung street papuntang mindanao ave.). I went there then asked my mother, “Anyare kay papa?”. “Ayun High Blood, tsaka namamaga raw yung lalamunan, tas ipapa xray raw tsaka 2d echo.” “Ay.” — (yun lang nasabi ko). “Ipapaadmit rin siya.”

We stayed there for couple of hours maybe. Then went home because we still have classes the next day.

10/08 saturday

Papa came back home. I am very glad😁 because he already went out of that hospital😁. Now, he still resting because maybe he’s not that totally recovered.

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