Trek To Kareri Lake

31st August 2019, Kareri Lake Trek : Kareri Lake campsite

At 1 am, the bus engine roared to life and so did our excitement. We were a group of 12 people packed in a minibus beginning our journey from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Reaching Dharamshala at the wee hours of the day we fueled ourselves with one last sumptuous meal prior to the trek. An additional 4 km had to be hiked till the base camp as the landslides had caused road blockades.

1st September 2019, Kareri Lake Trek : The Trek Squad, Left to Right : Parimal, Garvit, Meenakshi, Aakash, Sunil, Yogesh, Anoushka, Rohit, Sahith, Gaurav, Yash, Akhil

This 4km was a warm-up, before the 13 km mammoth trek. The trail to Kareri Lake was more like a boulder staircase almost devoid of any plane or downhill patch. We began conquering one boulder at a time with a silent healthy competition among ourselves to maintain the lead. Our first halt was at the river crossing point wherein we choose our boulder thrones, relaxed, joked and chit-chatted. As we progressed we could feel our body getting sore from exertion, but still, the enticing view and the enrapturing beauty of rhododendron, freshwater springs, rocks and boulders kept us moving.

31st August 2019, Kareri Lake Trek : Forest Trail

A slow downpour started which in split seconds changed itself to harsh rain. Bowing to the whims of Mother Nature, we halted at foodshed. The omelets were disappearing even before they were made, that was the intensity of hunger among fellow trekkers. We resumed trekking, occasionally halting and pacing. We could see a distant red colored temple, enlarging as we progressed nearer. Soon, we were standing by the pristine lake surrounded by the clusters of pasture stretches. The landscape adequately captured the imagination of nature lovers. The next thrill was to walk along a mountain trail just wide enough to fit a foot span if we slip we shall unto the Kareri- Freshwater Lake fed by snowmelt from Dhauladhar. We began pitching our tents and fetching water from springs, lighting the bonfire with a lot of effort. “Hunger is the best sauce” - & we proved by cleaning the pan of half-cooked Maggi in no time. Spreading our mats, in awe, we began star gazing. A dance of mist was witnessed by us, the sky would become clear to a photographer’s delight and would fog to his dismay.

1st September 2019, Kareri Lake Trek : Midnight Sky

A sudden downpour forced us to call it a day and retire to sleep. A few of the early risers went to explore nearby peaks. The sheep had flocked the peaks appearing as cotton balls sprinkled on a meadow. We experienced the mightiness of nature; a seemingly solid grass was discovered to be quicksand until one of us fell into it. We wrapped up after the morning supper and were en route downhill. It started raining heavily; the rocks were rendered slippery and loosened. The upcoming challenge was to strategically choose the correct boulder and to judge how long we shall put our weights upon it. We had to pace up because if the weather got any worse we might not be able to cross the river at the starting point. After a long downhill trek, when we reached the river crossing point the flow was so turbulent that it seemed impossible to cross. But we couldn’t risk it to become a torrent of rock-filled floodwaters, therefore treading over eggshells high on adrenaline we jumped boulders proving our athletic prowess. The challenges were not yet over, we had not slipped over the rocks so much as we did in the last leg of the trek. After another 4km we reached Kareri Village. The experience left an indelible imprint upon us and bonded the 12 of us forever.

Time Lapse video of Kareri Lake

“Time & Tide waits for none”. The landscape at Kareri is nothing short of an adventure enthusiasts imagination. The dance of mist to a rhythm of its own accord is witnessed in this time-lapse video of Kareri Lake.

This trek was organized by Hiking and Trekking Club IIT Mandi, an adventure sports club that organizes treks and hikes for students of IIT Mandi, you can follow us on Facebook ,Instagram and Youtube.

Picture courtesy : Parimal Kumar

Content Writer : Anoushka Banerjee

Trails for the Kareri Lake Trek:Trail recorded while climbing up Trail recorded while climbing down

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For an IIT in the lap of Himalayas, a full-fledged Hiking and Trekking club caters to the spirit of adventure that resides in the students of IIT Mandi.

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Hiking & Trekking Club IIT Mandi

Hiking & Trekking Club IIT Mandi

For an IIT in the lap of Himalayas, a full-fledged Hiking and Trekking club caters to the spirit of adventure that resides in the students of IIT Mandi.

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