Three interesting colleagues I have met this Bootcamp

It was a sunny morning on September 25, 2017. I alighted from the bus at Anthony bus stop in Lagos. Little did I know that I still have half an hour trek ahead. I braced up, summoned all the courage I could and moved forward as fast as my three legs can take me; the third leg is actually a walking stick.

I got into Andela EPIC Tower third floor at exactly 8:30 AM and guess what, Andela Bootcamp 27 just got started. I sat down with high expectations one of which is meeting people who are in the my shoes, and people who are in bigger shoes, my expectation was met. I met a number of interesting guys but these three are at the top; Emmanuel Okonji, Tobiloba Adesanya, and Ifedayo Ajibola.

The first interesting colleague I have met was Emmanuel Okonji. I saw him on my first day in Andela, the interview day but we did not talk. His face was the first face I sighted as soon as I entered the bootcamp room, I am glad he made it. While interacting with Emmanuel, I found out this is not his first bootcamp. He has experience of the bootcamp. I always communicate with him on slack, like I slack him all the time. He often put me through in using the tools for bootcamp from Trello, to Pivotal Tracker and even Slack. Emmanuel and my LFA, Rowland are my first point of call any time I have a challenge. Emmanuel persevered, he did not rest on the failure at his first bootcamp, he reapplied and got a second invite. I sincerely hope he get through this time.

Tobiloba Adesanya, he caught my attention when he answered the first question Philip Newman threw on the first morning. I was fascinated by his courage. A lot of people would not want to speak in occasions like that, they would not want to be the scape goat. But Tobiloba spoke in the midst of silence and that invigorated every other participant’s tongue to produce different thoughtful sounds. After the introductory section, I got close to Tobiloba and discovered that he does not have a coding background in school. He even gave me a clue on some technologies I find difficult to grab. Having come this far, Tobiloba is a great guy.

Last but not the least is Ifedayo Ajibola. Dayo and I are assigned the same LFA. He is an interesting fellow. I think we are in the same shoes. Both of us are scared and optimistic. We often have similar challenges and we solve them by interacting with other colleagues. Dayo had once applied but did not make it past the interview stage, he did give up, he applied again and now in bootcamp.

I have met more great guys but those Emmanuel, Tobiloba and Dayo are at the top of my list. I believe we’ll all make it to Andela Fellowship through collaborative efforts.