Please Make Facebook’s Workplace Different

Facebook should not make Workplace become an Email or Slack killer. It should be a better email platform and Linkedin with some new features. Or another giant like Google or Microsoft will do it. This blog post is some ideas for a better and more creative Workplace.

What is Workplace?

It's a collaboration platform created by Facebook. It has similar features to Facebook like Groups, Live Videos, Events and some advanced management features for companies.

Workplace Mails

Why does email still work in the 2010s? Because it’s so flexible and good enough.

Every phone has at least an email client. Every PC can access any email address via a web browser. Anyone can create an or some email accounts for different purposes, not just for work. I can share some files with my coworkers. I can send a postcard to my friend on Christmas. I can receive updates from many publishers with their newsletters.

And of course, to activate accounts of zillions apps and websites, including Facebook and Slack.

What about Slack? It changes the way we talk to each other in our project teams and our companies. But it still not and will not become the main communication channel to talk to our clients and customers. We still need email, phones and other helpdesk, CRM tools.

Of course Slack has bots, but we still need to setup them and use third party tools.

Now just get back to Workplace by Facebook. Like Slack, it helps people in a company can collaborate and get things done. But it cannot stop us using emails and other tools like Skype.

Our clients and customers do not have Workplace account. Even communicating between companies is not reinvented. Email is still the king!

Take a deep look at this, the reason why email is cannot replaceable. You don’t need a Yahoo Mail to talk to a Yahoo Mail account. You can use any email provider you want.

Many companies don’t need social. All they need is sales and revenues! They need to talk to their clients, not other coworkers.

But it will change if Facebook’s Workplace supports their own email system. Employees will be able to communicate with other people outside the company without using another company email. They can use Workplace email to create and activate accounts on other sites for work. They can use it to manage hundreds of newsletters, updates, and reports from market researchers and tools they use each day.

Integrating with other CRM tools, Workplace will be the great email platform for real sales!

Workplace + Messenger

Facebook Messenger and Work Chat should be linked too. On Facebook, people are chatting with companies via Pages and incoming bots, but this channel is hard to build long-term relationships.

With important things, people want to talk personally to real people. People get used to using their mobile phone and Skype for this purpose. But with a billion of users now, Messenger will make a big impact.

Some employees maybe don’t use Facebook or don’t want to use personal Facebook to communicate, so that using Workplace account is better. The customer also can hide their personal information or read profiles of the employees if they want to.

Workplace Identity

We know some facts.

The first one, companies now find talents on Facebook, besides on Linkedin. But Facebook is never a good place to show off your skills.

All they know about you is some short bios, some personal photos you shared or pages you likes. And you always regret because you wrote something dumb in the past which would become your enemy if the boss saw it.

The second one, when we use Slack, we have to create multiple accounts with the same email. Many of us are in more than two organizations or teams so this is a huge pain.

Workplace Identity is something like a new CV+Passport.

Anyone can make it if they have a Facebook account. They can add everything about their career as they could on Linkedin or import great posts and live events they created on Facebook here. Job hunters can find any identity on Facebook Search.

If your company use Facebook Workplace, you can use Workplace Identity to create an account or link it to Messenger/Pages to talk to your customers and teams.

Workplace Identity can make a great connection with external biz tools like Intercom or Zendesk. When you join or quit a company, the boss only needs to add/remove you from company’s Workplace and all your company accounts on those sites will be activated/deactivated.

Enterprise software market is too fragmented now with thousand tools for each need. Facebook want to make Workplace become the new hub. With all-new infrastructure and great teams, they can change the industry. But if they just clone Facebook and add some boring features, it never works!

Thanks for your reading!