Experiences in week four

The experience on week fourlecture was about reflective thinking and critical analysis. Reflective thinking is how individuals recall their teaching experiences that suit best for the theory, which is called synthesis. Synthesis incorporates evidence that links to their arguments/ideas and their personal view and shows that it link. However, issues must be pointed out in order to give an appropriate topic. In addition, the lecture also pointed out the academic provision for the student who are uncertain of their academic format of the assessment. This will open to a mini-conclude sentence about how the concepts further endeavour the individual experience and/or changing their thoughts. The idea should be showing the difference between your initial thought and the actual results of your experience. The lesson the students have taught, there was issues on how students are not reflectively learning effectively. We need to be aware that some students may not have learnt properly in the school years. In-depth, identifying the issues must have the reasons behind it and how did I feel personally about the particular topic or the respond. I thought the gradual process of reflective learning would make sense. Also literatures have a different point of view about the topic and the purpose of that, is people sometime change their perception over time. In real life as a student trying to be teacher, we have to be aware that there are two opposite arguments can happen in real life. My idea is they make the argument from two sides of their view. Within the issues, we have to be open and honest on responses, assessing their strengths and weaknesses, and questioning their values. Example, showing the argument from two sides and it may consists of one side telling what I initial thought and the other side tells me that potentially it could change my mind over time.

My reaction of the driving question is, showing the importance and may have two arguments about the question.

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