Rewriting Driving Question: Do Digital Native Exists?

Thanks Leana for your constructive criticism and feedback you sent me and I appreciate what you posted on one of my blog.

Digital Natives has a significant role of their existence in the modern world. There are number of concerns about how much impact of the digital native that changed the world and our life. Prensky (2001) stated that the generation who inherited in the technology world are called digital natives. The presence of the digital natives generated completely new purposes that shapes manufactured products from individuals’ unique ideas. That is why our generation (Current Digital Natives) have the role of leading the new generation (Newborn Digital Natives) because the new generation can create their innovative ideas in their profession. I understood both parties and we have It was indeed an influential movement of technology because young children under the age of six who are using technological devices right now are playing games. Age cannot be only the factor on how much the digital native made the world, also different cultures. My major concern about the young age and the unique culture is that we need to apply ethical standards in the digital world because we need to be considerate on their values and perceptions.

Imagine that the kids who is now the new digital natives who is under 5 or 6 years of age, doesn’t have the knowledge of cyber-bullying, protecting their own privacy, putting personal information including the credit card information and might possibly get hacked.

There are two perspectives that view the digital world.

  1. Marketing perspective: All they view of technology is profit. Mostly, Digital Natives have a narrow view on the ethical aspects of the digital world which marketers who is a digital native can take advantage of, in a short-term period. However, in a long term, it will ruin the marketer’s reputation if the ethical aspects are not considered and they will be consequences in the future if that continue to happen.

2) Ethical perspective: The view is that would it be culturally appropriate to put it in a digital world? This perspective is a considerable approach on the other peoples’ lives because it considers the security of their live.

Yes, Digital Native exists! However, we should consider the other view of the digital natives to show much impact of their existence from understanding both different views.

This is the momentum shift that technology changes the world drastically! However, How can we make them part of the digital natives? The answer is they cannot, Prensky (2001) prove that digital natives are a generic term for the generation who have to inherit with technologies ‘digital natives’ and this however this is the opposite called ‘digital immigrants’. Kennedy & Fox (2013) validates the point that the digital natives have a ‘deep familiarity and a deep association’. Well most universities, students and teachers have technologies we currently use and kids will see what the current digital natives are holding like a laptop, a mobile phone, or a tablet to communicate with other people in a digital world and put our notes on a device. Easily accessible on electronic resources, communicating others about ideas on their assignment like they can use how they want to do it to complete their own assignment. This is the power of their existence! It is crazy!

The other perspective are the digital immigrant side, Prensky (2013) define that the immigrant instructor having troubles facing education due to ‘an outdated language and their heavy accent’ who is irritated to learn and understand the new language of our new digital generation. I understand what the digital immigrants are going through and our role is to help them by engaging with them actively, with the use of technologies. Kennedy & Fox (2013) illustrated the table on why and how much they using the devices and it can tell the differences between digital natives and immigrants. We understand the both perspectives on digital natives and immigrants and in future practices I hope there is a technology that can help digital immigrant.

Yes, digital natives born with an intact on technology and they are the catalyst to change the world to make their presence strong. We already established that all university are handling with technologies. On the other hand, some teachers have difficult to understand and acclimatise our generation. For some digital immigrants, they may have ideas on technologies but not considered as digital natives such as steve jobs, mark zurcherburg and others. This question is significant because we have to understand different point of views and it may affect your professional career so we have to be aware of that. I think the way we need to help the young kids and the digital immigrant is adaptability and utility in the most appropriate way.

Copy of my original post:

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