It’s not about what you teach, but how you teach.

I thought teaching was easy until I figured out these things
I thought teaching was easy until I figured out these things
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With more than nine years of experience in Product Design, I separate my career into 3 phases:

  • The first two years ⎼ Gain experience: Say “Yes” to everything and grind experience.
  • Next four years ⎼ Build a foundation: Learn to say “No” and storage knowledge.
  • The following years ⎼ Systemize knowledge: Share to learn and build a legacy.

I used to think of opening a Product Design course because many people requested, and I thought teaching was easy until I dug deep about it. Now I find that sharing experience and teaching are two very different things.

Whereas sharing experience involves recalling the past, teaching requires much more. In particular, knowledge must be accurate and tested through practices with many different contexts. …


The Check-Questionnaires can help you assess your design output quickly.

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I believe this is always a hard question for us — Designers. In most instances, design output is affected by the feeling of the reviewer. That’s why it’s harder to define a design that is good enough to send than cook a dish or sew an outfit.

Summary of experience after a few years working in the industry, I built a list of questions called:

“The Check-Questionnaires”

and use it as a checklist to review designs before sending or presenting them to clients. These questions sorted by descending priority:

1. How are Mood and Tone?

Design is all about storytelling in pictures. And just like every story needs a mood and tone, so should your design output. “What is the story you want to tell?” and “What the mood you want to set?” Ask yourself these questions to make sure the design output conveys that at first sight. …


I was not well-prepared, but I hope you will after reading this article.

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A few years ago, I had an opportunity to work with an exciting startup in Vietnam. Since I like the idea and the people on the team so bad, when I knew my design rate was too high for them, I suggested I would design their entire products in exchange for 2% of the shares company (not diluted).

But they rejected my offer!

At that time, I thought that my offer was a suitable solution to build a cooperative relationship. So I felt a bit down when that startup team rejected, but I never asked them why they made such a decision. …


Hoang Nguyen

Co-Founder and Product Design Coach at GEEK Up. Writing about Design, Business, and Personal Development. Personal site:

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