5 best practices to be applied on Twitter

#1 Complete your profile

#2 Treat your posts

  • Simple and precise text description (100 characters)
  • A shortcut link (no curation links)
  • A mention (optional for saving space)
  • Hashtags (3 max.)
  • Visual (image, gif, Video, Vine)

Visuals that get more engagement on twitter are pictures and Vine.

#3 Create lists

With lists it’s easier to see tweets on a specific topic. Besides, you can also share your lists with other users and you can subscribe to the lists of people you don’t necessarily follow.

#4 Interact with others

Say thank you when you have a new subscriber (careful, no automatic response), when you are mentioned or when a user has tweet your content.

#5 Promotion

To promote your account you can use different technics :

  • Integrate the share button on your blog
  • Indicate its presence on Twitter on the site with a badge
  • Mention the account in your email signatures
  • Broadcast visuals that mention the account or a hashtag that defines your brand
  • Set the Twitter tab on the Facebook page
  • Pinning an important tweet on your Profile

Finally, you must analyze the performance of your account. The analysis allows to know your audience.

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