Download: Arrows — Don’t Write Poetry

tl;dr — Download ‘Don’t Write Poetry’ Free

Don’t Write Poetry was the first release Arrows put together back in 2006. It was before Scott had joined the band and we had little idea as to where we were going musically, but we were keeping and laying down the songs that came out.

We had played maybe a handful of shows (our first being with Iron On & The Paper and The Plane!), Anthony and I were working together up in Noosa and Anders was always close by. We practised in an industrial area in a space owned by a guy who was never really sure where the keys or his shoes were. We mostly recorded DWP in the same space and finished what was left in Anthony’s apartment.

On our lunch breaks Anthony and I would print liner notes on the company computers and fold the covers together to bang up roughly 100 or so CDRs to mail out to friends or anyone interested.

Although we’ve looked at the EP as far from complete for the majority of its existence, we did rediscover an interest in a couple of the songs — August and Clever — after adding Scott on guitar and with Arrows now what we considered it’s proper form. We continued to play them live throughout our time together. They felt new again but for better or worse, they were never re-recorded.

The EP has been hosted on our Bandcamp page for some time now I’ve found that whenever somebody stumbles across it and decides to pay the $5 listed price — I can’t help myself but refund their money.

I’ve dug around and found a broken copy of Don’t Write Poetry and digitised it for any body who would like the MP3s or even to put together a CDR of your own.

  1. Intro
  2. Don’t Bullshit a Bullshitter
  3. The Next Sound You Hear
  4. Sleep? I do not, Miss.
  5. My Verses Versus Your Lyrics
  6. 10th, August 2006
  7. Clever

You can access the files here! :) And of course, feel free to share around!

Download includes:

  • Don’t Write Poetry MP3 download (7x Mp3 files + cover.jpg)
  • Front Cover.jpg
  • Inside Front Cover.jpg
  • Lyric Insert.jpg
  • Back Cover.jpg

Dropbox link:

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