Five Albums That Shaped: Brief Habits

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This is Carl from Hobbledehoy Records. An essential part of what I do involves constantly talking with our artists, ensuring as a label we understand what they need, but also who they are, and where have they come from.

I recently sat down with Daniel, vocalist and guitarist for north Brisbane favourites, Brief Habits and picked his brain about the five albums that helped shape their band. Of course it’s never an easy task to narrow down a list of albums — but these are the five that have made a lasting impression on the band.

Nada Surf — Weight Is a Gift

The 2005 album was released in the middle of Nada Surf’s prolific career and was produced by Chris Walla of Death Cab For Cutie.

“Nada Surf is just the band for us” Daniel states, “…perfectly crafted power-pop that you can revisit over and over again, no matter the mood you’re in.”

Brief Habits show their appreciation for what Daniel describes as “Huge melodies with great hooks over clean and dirty guitars” found in Nada Surf’s work throughout much of their recent album release.

“There is so much to find and love in all seven of their studio albums but this is the one that stands out above the rest, for us.”

Jimmy Eat World — Futures

Another classic album layered with melodies, hooks and strong choruses.

“Clarity and Bleed American were both incredible records but speaking as a band, Futures is something that we can all agree on. The production, song structure… Futures was another huge step up for Jimmy Eat World and often under appreciated, perhaps because their earlier work is so good.”

“I actually listen to this record a fair bit for inspiration.”

Luca Brasi — If This Is All We’re Going To Be

Luca Brasi are one of Australia’s hardest working and sincere bands — not just in the punk rock scene, something that Daniel says they all look up to.

“It makes me happy to see bands that put in the hard work reap some reward. They’re our favourite band going around at the moment. If This Is All We’re Going To Be is a great record from start to finish.”

“The passion and energy that Luca Brasi capture both on record and put into their live show is inspiring.” finishes Daniel.

American Football — LP2

“This had just been release at the time of recording our first album — we flogged it to death, really.”

LP2 is the follow up to the seminal 1999 self-titled record American Football released, that for many years flew under the radar and went much unnoticed outside certain circles.

“The production on this record… I couldn’t think of negative thing to say about it”

Daniel and the band have been long-time fans of the Kinsella brothers and their bevy of work with numerous friends and monikers.

“Perfect, calm song-writing and tongue-in-cheek lyrics — huge suckers for this album!”

Lemonheads — It’s A Shame About Ray

“My big brother used to play this record to (Steve and I) when we were super young” Daniel reminisces, “We’d sit on his bedroom floor and listen to it for hours, so we have been in love with it our whole lives.”

Daniel believes this record has made such a strong impression on his songwriting that the influence almost comes naturally.

“Subconsciously, I think Evan Dando and the Lemonheads work will always have an affect on my songwriting whether it’s intentional or not.”

Do any of these albums make it on to your best-of lists? Any surprises?

Feel free to add your two cents!

Listen to Brief Habits’ self titled album:

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