Apple announces Zero Day Vulnerability

Apple has released 3 security patches on August 25th 2016 which fixed three huge security holes in ios 9.3.5. The holes are called “zero day vulnerabilities”, issues were undisclosed till now. Only ios developers have the ability to find out about the issue. The patch is available for iPhone and iPads only.

On August 10, 2016, Ahmed Mansoor, 46 year old human right activist from UAE, who had already been the victim of government hackers had received messages from FinFisher and Hacking Team. Without clicking the link he sent it to Citizen Lab where it was investigated and found it was a sophisticated piece of malware. The malware exploited 3 different vulnerabilities of iOS. The researchers informed Apple, and the company quickly released an update patch for current iOS.

Since 2010, NSO has followed the tradition of developing sophisticated malware named Pegasus to governments that targets cellphones and use of these tools was never documented before. The company produces malware which is designed to infect iPhones, steal and intercept data inside of it. It steals every single information from iPhone — all the emails, contacts, social media information, even video calls in FaceTime and SnapChat.

An Italian vendor Hacking Team, known as a well-known competitor of NSO can physically access any phone by a phishing message.

Mansor is a Martin Ennals Award winner, who could find out about his safety. Most of us are not aware of similar malwares, we don’t have any idea how our right of privacy has been corrupted. A news or advertisement message can be a threat to our privacy.