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Public transport competition is very tight with the rapid growth of the population in the world, causing many companies to compete to look at the market demand to provide safe, comfortable and meet the fairness standards of the regulatory authorities on transportation equipment.One of the transportation transportation that is considered exclusive is TAXI with the calculation using the meter which is clearly certainty in determining the payment on every trip taken by passengers.
And this is an opportunity for CARTAXI to participate in the management of this company, but with a somewhat different platform, which is a very serious blockchain-based technology platform by building mobile apps, you do not have to call and when you need to wait for help wherever you are.
Surely this is a very interesting idea in pampering passengers without having to bother waiting and disturbed weather when ordering a freight service.In this case, however, the CARTAXI transportation only carries the problematic truck cranes to a safer place or to the workshop for service.
Let us review a little about this freight company that specializes in the transport of cars with problems.

What is CarTaxi?

CarTaxi is a logistics platform for the evacuation and transport of cars, which integrates all towing vehicles in one application.
This is a synergistic global mobile solution in terms of the technology of geolocation and blockchain + smart contracts.
Car taxis are ready-made products that have been tested and operated on the Russian market. It is ready for global scale and explosive market share growth. This service has global reach and has been successfully launched in the first cities. The CarTaxi company collects a team of outstanding professionals who are founding the company worldwide and are currently active in offices in San Antonio (USA), Moscow (Russia), Hong Kong (China).

The purpose of cartaxi

1.Global market and build a decentralized ClientContractor system
2.Transactions based on blockchain
3.The wide difference of the towing owner caused a number of problems.
4.Simplify the service and reduce the bloated costs
5.Simplify your payment does not have to pay with cash, just open the mobile app
6.CarTaxi payments use blockchain technology, so there is no fear or difficulty in paying.
7.CarTaxi gives you an insurance guarantee, so you do not need to worry as long as your car is on a crane, in case of damage CarTaxi is ready to give you an insurance.

For the use of CARTAXI it is very easy to download the available applications and then follow the instructions in the following commands with the filling of the available fields then it will quickly connect the CARTAXI company to do the necessary help based on the messages that have been sent.

Sales Token

The Company has prepared an offer in the purchase of tokens for this project activity so that the public can contribute in a very profitable investment with a cheap price and can be traded when the company is completed in the implementation of its ICO.Because having a token means we have a company share and have income from an already established market.


TARAS SEMENOV: He has been an experienced CEO for over 15 years in business and strategic consulting. Of course he is the most influential person in business.

ALEXEY TAYANCHIN: CIO A programmer, Alexey has a great experience both in the backend and in the front-end development. He has worked for companies like MungunPro, a mobile app developer and Alfatel Plus, a telecommunications provider. Alexey has been pursuing the CarTaxi project since 2016, at all stages of development: from writing mobile applications to DBMS administration and creating micro-services.

GALA KOVALEVA: CFO With an MBA in Finance from CIFF Business School in Madrid Gala has considerable experience deep in financial management in real estate development and construction.

KSENIA MOLLER: CMO Graduate Point Loma Nazarene University,
Ksenia works for the Virgin Group Company in New York.

VIHTORI MALLAT: Blockchain Developer Blockchain Developer with 5+ years experience and experienced software.

  • 6+ years experience as a software engineer
  • 2+ years leading / managing software engineering team
  • A strong understanding of web technology
  • Experts in: process management, scalability, HTML, CSS,
    JavaScript, Ethereal, Blockchain, Machine Learning, iOS

RENATA ARIPOVA: PROJECT MANAGER As a specialist in strategic branding and PR, Renata works primarily on IT products and science-intensive promotions, including DevPocket,
Bercut, Git in Sky and iDealMachine Startup Accelerator and participate in the international StartUp Cup Model Business Competition. Since 2016 he has joined the CarTaxi project.

NICHOLAS AMOAKO: FRONT-END With an MsC degree in Supercomputing and Interdisciplinary Research From ITMO (National Research University),
Nicholas has four years of professional experience in the software field
Development and qualification within the Dot NET framework (2.0 / 3.5 / 4.0),
ASP.NET, MCV, C #, Python, Java, Javascript, Visual Studio
2010/2013/2015, IIS, SQL Server and more. He has worked with system
Development Life Cycle (SDLC), a powerful object-oriented concept for
Software design and implementation. Nikolaus also owns the industry
Experience with Rhemasoft Corporation, the VOA Institute for Technology and Engineering
Miller all

A Quality Assurance Engineer with experience in Test Automation, Vivien
Develop test strategies for the Internet and mobile applications. Graduate of the State Polytechnic University of Saint-Petersburg, he has been attending the CarTaxi project since 2016

JAPHETHZOOGAH: International Community Coordinator
Japheth’s focus is supercomputer technology and interdisciplinary
Research He is a graduate of the ITMO University (National Research)

PRINCE NTIM: International Coordinator of the Community
Prince studied in supercomputing and interdisciplinary technology
Research by ITMO (National Research University).
He has teamed up with R & D Team Justmoh Mining Services Ltd. worked
Subsidiary of Endeavor Mining (Canada). The prince has extensive experience
In international research on new projects and in the development of reports and data
For market analysis and product development.

Apart from that this project is handled by experts who are very experienced in the field of transportation as well as in the world of marketing and very seriously manage this business so it is likely there will be a very rapid progress in the growth of this activity and make success continuously and get the benefits that Real when we join and invest here, so is a very good opportunity.Why are we trying this very interesting project?
For more details about the Platform of this company please visit LINK below.

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