How to choose best Door Knobs for house and commercial space

The knobs which are also known as door handle is the attached mechanism which helps in closing and opening of the door. The knobs come in a different variety, and they are attached to the doors as per their functional purpose and requirement. While few knobs come with locking system, the others simply open and close the door without any locks. The main purpose of the knob is to assist in the opening/closing of doors or cabinets.

In earlier times, the knobs had an only functional use, and aesthetics was not given importance. However, in present times the significance of the knobs has changed greatly. Now, the knobs for Doors have become a quintessential part of the decor of any house or commercial property.

There are many people who love to have the knob that matches the rest of the interior as well as thecolor of the walls and other furniture. For such people also there are customized knobs available in the market which can be availedeasily, but one has to pay a little high price for the same. The knobs are selected carefully after exploring huge variety that suits the interiors of the house or office. The knobs are available in a variety of shape, size, designs, colors, and material. From wooden to brass, glass to stainless steel, there is ample variety for choice.

The different types of Door knobs are as follows:

- Lever Latch

Lever latch is the most common door handle which has been usedfor decades. The lever latch is mostly found in public buildings, commercial properties, and residential houses. The lever latch is one of the basic knobs that has ahandle for thefunction of opening/ closing. The knobs are found in dining and living rooms since there is no need for privacy in these spaces. The lever latch is easy to use and found in avariety of metals and finishing.

- Lever Lock

Lever lock is just like that of the lever latch handles with theonly difference being the back plate with a small hole below handle which is made for key insertion. The door can be opened and shut simply with handle and can be locked with thekey if required. Since they offer more privacy with locking, the knobs are used in backside or front side of thehouse for security.

- Lever Bathroom

The lever bathroom knobs are commonly used in bathrooms. The distinct feature of the knob is that the door can be locked from inside and still it can be opened from outside during an emergency. The door can be opened using a coin or similar object from outside.

Cool knobs and pulls online are available at stores which deal in decor items. One can explore various sites and choose the best option. The cabinet knobs are selectedon the basis of thecolor of the cabinet or wardrobe. These knobs are available in fancy variety with attractive designs. Wooden and glass knobs are popular for cabinets. One can also choose for brass knobs from online shops as they are durable.