Drawing My Dates: Hot Tea, Iced Coffee, and Whoopie Pies

Warm comfort in sweet treats

Drawing by Jay Boucher. Print available.

Going on a date in DUMBO means dodging numerous fashion photo shoots. On my way to One Girl Cookies I must have seen 3 different clusters of models, stylists and photographers, all anxiously awaiting a lull in traffic. Then they’d leap off the curb and pose, with the photographer splayed across the ground, attempting to get a low-angle shot framed by cobble stone streets, industrial buildings, and the Manhattan Bridge. I can only imagine how bad it is when a wedding party shows up for pictures.

One Girl Cookies was a perfect place to meet, with whoopie pies being a pleasant, earthy alternative to ubiquitous Manhattan macaroons. We had a relaxing afternoon seeing my friend’s art at an adjacent gallery and biding our time leafing through used books at P.S. Bookshop. Sweet.

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