An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Your ‘story’ sounds like a bunch of bad financial decisions (and I’m not trying to be mean, I have a similar degree, make a similar wage to you, but live in an affordable city with my wife and son and make ends meet while slowly buying a house I can afford in a neighborhood I have the means to live in). I’m glad your post is getting attention because people of our generation need to be warned about making bad financial decisions and trying to live/rent/buy beyond their means while they work their way up into the middle class. My father, who has professional degree and now makes good money, took a good decade and half to work his way up into the middle class and he did a great job of living according to his means along the way.

I had to realize that I was going to experience a drop in my standard of living after I moved out and it was going to last for a while until I worked my way back up. That’s how life is for most people if they aren’t going into high demand fields like medicine or engineering. I think a lot of my peers (and maybe you as well), have an unrealistic expectation that even though you are starting off that you will right away have all the middle class comforts and you had with your parents, but they spent years getting to that point most likely (unless of course they’re MDs or engineers or something, in that case they worked really hard at school, but started making 70k as soon as they got out). I hope you can find a replacement job and re-plan your finances (and get out of your lease) to live in your means.

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