Art- A path towards Creativity!

Creativity is an expression of uninhibited thought and imagination. It is an important aspect for inventions, novel introductions and futuristic thinking. Hence, it is crucial for creativity to be nurtured, developed and expressed in a person without trying to mould it into any shape or form since that in itself kills the creative freedom and restricts creative thinking.

Hobbies can be a very useful way of thinking out of the box and engaging in creative thinking. And a very important tool of building creativity is through art, craft and painting. These are forms of expressions, but more so than that, they allow for the mind to find new ways of cognition by opening up the space of imagination.

A child engaging in arts and craft doesn’t withhold himself or herself to what is being taught. They let their own mind do the thinking and manipulate the materials and tools in ways which might not be demonstrated. They think of new and interesting ways to create the desired outcome and more often, allow their imagination to run free and help them create something which might not even have a predetermined outcome! To be able to design without a structure helps mould the mind as well as one’s thoughts in a way which allows for free thought and novelty. After all, creativity’s inception occurs when there is no predetermined structure or route. And once the mind is attuned to naturally flowing ingenuity, practical and structured thoughts can be brought in to bring about meaning and effectiveness.

Art and craft is more about the process rather than the outcome, especially in relation to children. They do not think about what they are drawing and completely immerse themselves in a process. This creativity is exceptional and represents an inherent force of unrestrained thinking process. But the mistake we tend to make is that we tend to offer them direction in order to make sense of their art. This closes in their free flow of thought. Instead, one must go along with their though process and attempt to understand the intrinsic motivation of the child! This makes them know that their efforts are valued and encourages creativity furthermore.

Various researchers and experts are understanding the importance of art and realise that it must become a part of mainstream learning rather than a supplementary one. It leads to a more holistic way of development and thus mustn’t be deemed as an unnecessary tool of learning.

All throughout our lives, as we keep growing older, we become more and more confined in the definitions surrounding all around. Thus it becomes difficult for us to break through them and come up with different ideas and connotations. Therefore one must keep all those tools close by and engage in them so as to keep our thoughts unconfined. And art, painting and other forms of craft are some very useful and effective ways to develop creativity. Hence, one must encourage and welcome these activities into our lives as well as motivate our loved ones to practice them and get ready to let our mind free and indulge in creativity!

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