Tonight I just went for my first run, about 25/30 minutes long, in about three years and it feels amazing. I first started my fitness journey when I was 18 and all I did was run and it felt great, but then I got into weights and focused my efforts on that. I enjoyed and do enjoy lifting, I love the burn and the ‘one more rep’ mentality that you have when you go in but I always found that I was never quite happy with just lifting – you become one dimensional…well, I did!

Obsession is part of my character, when I find something that I am interested in or like, I really obsess over it and just focus on that one thing. This can be great with certain things, especially things which only last for a short time but in the long term this type of mentality can burn you out and I have found this out myself quite a few times and more recently I have discovered how to have longevity and consistency in mind. There’s no point in becoming obsessed with one thing for a certain amount of time and then give up on it in the long run – to reap real results we must be in it for the long run and keeping that focus for as long as possible… an increasingly more difficult thing to do in this age of constant distractions! It seems to be fashionable within the social media community of fitness to be that ‘lone wolf’ and for your life to become fully engulfed by lifting. I get it, really, I do! I did it myself but you aren’t living.. I’m not saying the ‘you need balance’ because I believe sometimes you do need to go all out on things at certain times but by being engulfed in one thing, you are becoming one dimensional. Again, I’m not saying don’t do this because it is obviously beneficial but don’t allow it to take over your life like it did mine and this takes me back to the beginning of the article. I went for a run! A run for the first time in god knows how long and it feels great, it wasn’t even as bad as I thought it would be seeing as I hadn’t done any type of cardiovascular fitness for years. The point is this – I started, I started when I was 18 and carried on doing some type of fitness thing for the next several years and tonight I reaped the rewards of that. I hadn’t done any fitness for 9/10 months and I didn’t suffer too badly tonight – all because I decided to start, I decided to start and something is always better than nothing and just as Gary Vaynerchuk says ‘ 1 is better than 0'. Just do the thing that you want to do or need to do, even if it’s basic because something is ALWAYS better than nothing.

Keep on trying.