Karim Musaev
Mar 18, 2018 · 1 min read

Hi, John. Thank you for arcticle, it’s very interesting. I’m regular user of Dropbox. Before there was ability to delete VIEWING image (without back to files list): I could just move mouse bottom and click Delete button, so current viewing image deleted and Dropbox showed next image. That function was very, VERY convenient, because I save screenshots and photos with information to Dropbox during the week or two and then processing them all one by one: take information from current image — delete — go next. Now it is very unconvenient without Delete button in the Viewer. Please, return this function back!!

Karim Musaev

Written by

Programmer, I love Classical musiс, Jazz, Blues...

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Ed Yong
Mar 25 · 22 min read


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