Music In Action. Urban Outfitters x Taylor Bennett team-up. Virtual Reality Broadcasts. Publishing Transparency. Drake’s Fair Use Case.


Continuing to highlight recent happenings in the music industry as they relate to the Music Business: Trends & Strategies course I teach, these are some of the latest posts I’ve shared with my students. Many of the conversations we have center around their interest in revenue streams that run along side recorded output, how to build up their own artist brands, and where the listening & fan engagement experiences are migrating. There is always plenty to discuss and its great hearing their fresh points of view as they progress in their studies and musicianship while getting up to speed on the business.

Brand partnerships / sponsorships: ‘Taylor Bennett On Teaming with Urban Outfitters’ UO Pride Collection: ‘You’ve Got To Be Yourself 24/7" — from

Virtual Reality technology & Major League Baseball: ‘Double play: Intel to stream Major League Baseball games in VR’ (Can a live concert series streamed in VR be far behind?) — from CNET

The music and concert experience: ‘Can Spatial 3D Audio Reinvent Live Music?’ A renewed interest in quadrophonic sound thanks to 3D audio and virtual reality technology. — from Fast Company

Transparency in publishing royalties: Sony/ATV Upgrades Royalty Portal, Plans To Launch App — from Music Business Worldwide

Legalese / Fair Use case related to sampling: Drake Beats Lawsuit Over Sampling With Winning “Fair Use” Argument — from Hollywood Reporter

More to come and feel free to join the conversation!

Written while listening to the incredible album, ‘Purple,’ by Baroness. One of my favorite albums from 2015.


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