Hockey Community is expecting a new baby!

Hello everyone!

We’ve got big news — we’re expecting! Our new baby has been two years in the making and is about to come out in the world this November.

It’s an app! Weighing 33.3 megabytes and 196,000 lines of source code.

Hockey Community has grown into the largest hockey online community with more than 70,000 members, who’ve played a total of 520,000 hockey games on our app, in 20 different countries. As HC grew, we listened to your stories and became conscious about the increasing importance of great technology in our mission to make hockey more accessible.

Back in April 2014, we sat down with the HC team and realized we wouldn’t be able to complete our vision for HC and fulfil your requests unless we upgraded our core technologies. Since then, we have been rewriting 100% of our code base and rebuilt our IT architecture to allow us to accomplish our vision for the hockey industry.

In a few weeks, we will replace our app and website with a newly refreshed HC. Here’s a list of some of the upcoming changes:

If you are a member of the HC Community:

  • The entire HC app has been redesigned to be more helpful, especially in areas where HC isn’t popular yet.
  • A new gear marketplace will make it easier to equip yourself at an affordable price.
  • The new “Local” and “Worldwide” filters will help you find anything close to you or see what’s going on around the world.
The new marketplace will let you buy and sell second-hand hockey equipment.

If your league is using Hockey Community:

  • Your league website will now be available from the HC app.
  • All stats, boxscores, and game pages have been redesigned.
League boxscore

If you are a Team Manager:

  • You can now create public or private events such as practice and goalie requests from your team page, along with your league games.
  • Customized game reminders that can be sent to your team at the time of your choice.
Team pages within leagues

If you are an Event Organizer:

  • The collected payments are automatically sent to your bank account through Stripe managed accounts.
  • Get a summary of your event finances where you can also mark off players paid by cash or issue a refund to players who paid online.
  • We will make sure your events get seen by local hockey players and goalies.
New event features

If you are a League or Tournament administrator:

  • Your league website and your administration got a rejuvenated look! And everything loads three times faster.
  • Large organizations such as federations can now manage multiple leagues and tournaments in different cities.
  • Direct deposit to your bank account for all payments collected.
  • New in-page tutorials to make it easier for your new staff member to learn the software.
New league dashboard with searchable features

Is this it? How about what’s next?

There are many new subtle features in this release but we will let you explore the new HC and tell us what you think.

This new foundation will allow us to focus on truly innovative features in 2017. That’s when we expect the true value of this project to come to life. To give you a few examples:

  • Translate HC in 36 languages and help organizers collect money in 40 new countries (for now we only support CAD and USD).
  • Use artificial intelligence to help league managers schedule their games automatically and fairly.
  • Secure payments between the buyer and the seller in our marketplace
  • Allow event organizers to see what are the available rink times within their city.
  • Integrate connected gear such as motion sensors or stick sensors in profile pages.
HC will soon become available in 36 languages! Let us know if you want to help translate btw :)

Is there any bad news?

Well, HC is again in its infant stage, so we expect a few unpredictable bugs to be found. Our team will be working 24/7 to make sure they are solved quickly. Some features (such as line editor and power ranking) will be missing at first, but rest assured they will make their way back with a new and improved upgrade.

Thank you and see you in November.

We are very excited to release this new HC in November 2016 and hope it will greatly benefit hockey players around the world. Our goal is and will always be to make hockey more accessible. And thank you all for contributing to this mission by being members, organizers, captains, HC Ambassadors and sharing your feedback.

New website’s homepage expected to be released in November 2016

You can reach Hockey Community by emailing or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

In the meantime you can sign up to