My Life in Code #1

  • To avoid the cliche of another “my life in ruins” blogpost, I opted for a sufficient synonym.
  • I’ve always been a little corky with my jokes — please excuse my geek-puns.


It started in 2011, during my high school graduation yearbook photos. We were asked to dress up as who we wanted to be in 10 years, and that day I dressed up as a CEO(or at least what my 17 year old self thought that looked like).

Growing up in a country like Egypt, with a substantially high Gini index, I’ve always promised myself that one day I would do something about it- something that would empower the less-fortunate, and improve the wellbeing of many.

Fast forward 6 years later, here I am — equipped with a bachelors degree in business, 2 years of experience working with startups and incubators, and a ton of business ideas (that were always short of implementation for the lack of equipped developers who could bring my dream to life), I decided it was time to take a necessary step and do it myself.

In March 2017, I left my job and enrolled in AlMakinah, Egypt’s first full-stack web development bootcamp. Since that day, my life has changed drastically in so many ways. I decided to dedicate this blog series to share my experience with other curious-non-tech-geeks who are looking to convert, with the intent to evangelize as many people as possible.

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