I knew I was in Love….
Amira Rizk

Dear Jane,

My telepathy and best friend

Just read your email and I’m not surprised at all!

Believe me, i saw it coming.. may be my telepathy, may be ur tone of voice in our last phone call, or that spark I could see in your eyes in ur pic on fb!

However, me too, I believe you are in love, and it’s that deep and inspiring one you dreamt of your whole life.

I’m not gonna talk about how do I feel now while reading your words cause as you perfectly described my very big smile on my face, you can easily know what’s inside my heart now!

My advice to you my sister, is the same one you gave me five years ago when I was going through the same phase.. “Go with the flow” “take the risk and make it happen”

And whenever you find your fears from any probable pain growing inside you, get back to your old articles.. it will guide you.

I believe that God granted you this talent as a clue to find your true-self, it’s like sending yourself messages in the future. So stick to it. It’s God’s wise words to yourself through yourself!

And till we meet soon.. plz.. Believe in ur self-worth .. follow ur gut & trust the signs :)

God bless you beautiful loving heart



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