I love this.

“You’re the only one who can decide to get out of bed in the morning and what you’re going to do with your day. You can sit around thinking, I have no choice, but there’s always another choice. It may not be something that’s easy and that you want to do, but there’s always more than one choice. Sometimes you just have to pick the hard one.”

There is so much untapped wisdom out there from people we’ve never met. Or, at the least, solid reinforcement for what we already know in our heads or hearts.

That quote is from one the amazing people my cowriter Jane Lorenzini and I found for our latest book, WHERE WE BELONG — Journeys That Show Us The Way. Michelle Hauser grew up in a small factory town and was snickered at by a high school counselor when she shared her dream of becoming a doctor. The counselor told her she should instead get a factory job. But, y’know what? Sometimes the voice that tells you where you belong in life is louder than the voice that tells you that you’re nothing special. For anyone who thinks that money, support, courage, or time — or all of the above — is keeping them from getting to where they belong, this girl will show you the way. …


Hoda Kotb

Co-Anchor, Fourth Hour of the @TODAYshow (@KLGandHoda) Correspondent for @DatelineNBC

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