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“ I know that the earth is flat and if you don’t understand that, well then it’s not my job to educate you.” and you’re intentionally being absurd. You could just as easily say “I know that I know that water is wet and if you don’t understand that, well then it’s not my job to educate you.” I have work to do, and I’m done arguing with someone who refuses to try to inform themselves. Here’s a start:

I know you think that because their aims are “vague” that somehow they aren’t valid, but I just don’t agree. I might say that I want to improve access to early childcare, which is vague, but it isn’t an invalid desire. I said before, I’m not the policy wonk, I don’t know how they want it done. You don’t need to know how something will be done in order to ask for it to happen.

And you say that the link I shared equates disparities in outcomes with a denial of opportunity. The link I posted absolutely shows a denial of opportunity. How else would you describe two resumes that are IDENTICAL except for the name on one being female and the name on the other being male having the male-named resumes chosen more frequently? The women were denied the opportunity. Pretty clear cut.

I think you’re being deliberately obtuse here. Universal healthcare doesn’t mean that everyone CAN get healthcare, nor does it mean that it’s free. It’s covered by a person’s taxes and subsidies, often with additional coverage that can be bought by consumers as wanted.

Good luck with that tiger.

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