What I learn from My First Race Run

Great job! I finished my first race run for 5K category. Is not as easy as I thought, but I conquer, conquer the fear in the crowded for introvert like me. Defeat last year of me, that never even think of take part on this race.

So, this morning I wake up at 5AM. I can’t really slept well last night, because I am excited about this race. No, just kidding, I am not really excited or emotionally attached to this event. Just fell a little butterfly about how will I survive on that crowded race :D.

I go to the event before 6AM, and then start the race at 6:45AM. I forgot to start the timer to track my race. Damn it! I don’t know my limit, maybe is around 45 minutes for 5K. Not bad yeah? :D.

What I learn from this race? well, I can’t keep my promise to not go to walk state. But, it’s okay, no need to keep hard on yourself, just move your foot, step by step. When you fell tired, you can pause a moment or keep your momentum low. Same with live, we won’t be in great state forever, sometimes we will fell tired and it’s okay to take a break. But, remember do not give up. If you can’t run, you can walk, if you can’t walk you can crawl. The important thing is you keep moving.

So, run teach us a lot of things. Not just keep us physically fit, but keep our mind healthy, give us motivation to face the world. I found this on my run, you can find in on another things too, not just run. Find that things!