Write Day 172 (Keep Track of My Progress on April)

Wow, it’s evening here. It’s the first time I write here at evening. So, today after wake up, I go to my cousin house to talk about the program he wanted me to develop for his business. On the way there, I drop in to ate breakfast. I go there until almost 3 PM. On my way home, I bought some food to eat at home. I also bought a bottle of Tupperware. Of course, before all of that I have read 2 chapters of book by Nick Vujicic Limitless.

Okay that is what I read in the morning. Yesterday, I managed to read 8 chapter of Limitless book by Nick Vujicic. Besides that, I also managed to read 6 chapter of What’s Up with Introvert by Rani Agian Fitri. This night I will finish read this book.

I also do some progress of my affiliate site. Ihave done the SEO of 6 products yesterday. After write here I will do 5 more. It must have a progress each day.

At night, I managed to watch 2 videos of learning Chinese on Udemy. I learn very important and interesting things on this course. I learn about pin yin. Now I can write mandarin on my mobile phone. It’s all because of pin yin :D.

Too bad to tell I am off for run again last day. So is today, but don’t worry I will start to run again tomorrow :D.

I also gonna write about keep track of my progress on April. In April I managed to read 4 books below:

  1. Winning The Money Game by Sean Seah
  2. Travel Young by Alanda Kariza
  3. Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson
  4. Getting Things Done (Santai Tapi Tetap Produktif) by David Allen
April Read Books

I also managed to take and finish some of online course on Udemy. All of this course is free, if you want to take the course too, here it is:

  1. SEO for Wordpress [Beginner]
  2. SEO for Wordpress [Expert]
  3. Writing Basic - Learn the Writing Process in 5 Easy Steps
  4. The Daily Journal — Habit of Successful People
  5. Get started playing blues harmonica

Then, last about my workout. I have done workout for 14 times on April. Less 6 times from March.

I will try to maintain my habit and made my habit affect my journey to be Free on Financial. You know what I mean Financial Freedom.

So at the end of this, I have a quote for last month on April

Tired YES, Give Up NO