Write Day 175

It’s look like been a while since I last time write here. I write here yesterday, but this few days my routine for write not as usual. Usually I write around 8AM and this few days I write not around that time. It’s just my feeling, I am not fell like doing my best if not at that time. Well, I must be flexible. I can not lose to that Felling. Okay here I am gonna write about what have I done yesterday.

First I managed to do SEO of 10 products on my affiliate sites. Still more than half products to do, but I will do it step by step progress and enjoy it. Today I will do that progress again :D.

Well, I am off for run, because I came home late from office. I will run today if I have time. At night I browse Instagram about run event in my country. There are 2 or 3 run that interest me and the timeline is possible for me to participate. I think I will plan for it, when I am back from my holiday next week.

As usual I still read everyday. I have read 5 chapter of Limitless book by Nick Vujicic. The first I read this book, I don’t really like it. But now, I think what inside this book it’s good. There is one inspirational paragraph or quote in each chapter. I think this book will finish on this week.

I also read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. I still not read the chapter one yet. I read about why this book is written and why by Dale Carnegie. Today I will read this book again, but not the chapter one. I must read one more subtitle before go to chapter one.

At night I also do some progress of my client project. I recreate the mind map I create the previous day to digital. I create in on Coggle. I really like this application. It’s help me a lot. I have put my personal goal, office job list and my client project in here. This application help me to manage my work and be more productive. It’s the effect of mind map :p.

Last, I still take learning Chinese course on Udemy. I managed to watch one part video of it. Today I will watch at least one more part. Okay see you.

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