Write Day 176

Morning guys, this morning I wake up at 5AM and read 2 chapters of Limitless book, then I go to sleep again and I wake up at 7AM. After take bath, I read one more chapter of Limitless book. Then, I cook my own breakfast before go to work.

As usual, I will write about what have I done yesterday. I managed to do the SEO for 17 products on my affiliate site. Today, I will spare some time to do this again.

I started my run again yesterday. I managed to run for 20 minutes. I also heating for 5 minutes before run and walk for 5 minutes after run. The total time of my work out is 30 minutes. Today I am plan to off for my run.

Read has been one of my positive habit besides run. Yesterday, I managed to read 5 chapters of Limitless book by Nick Vujicic. I also read How to Win Friends and Influence People book by Dale Carnegie. I was reading about 9 suggestions how to make full of use on this book. I am still not read chapter 1 yet.

Then, I also managed to watch 1 video of learn Chinese course. I think I will be off for a while on this course. I have downloaded 6 more courses on Udemy and will take one of this course for today.