Write Day 183

It’s me, back to my routine. I wake up at 7.17AM in the morning. I fell gratitude because I slept well and have a breakfast this morning. So, as usual I am writing this at office and I gonna write about my progress each day on my routine.

First, I have done some progress on my affiliate site. I have done the SEO for 10 products. Today I plan to do at least 10 more.

I am off for my run yesterday. Today I will take start run again. I have been off for few days from 10th May until today. Wow, that’s almost one week.

Then, at night I managed to continue read book by Dale Carnegie about How to Win Friends and Influence People. This is the third chapter I read. I learn about how to talk about what other people interest if you want to have a great communication with them. Today I will read one more chapter of this book.

After that, I also take one video of Udemy course. The course is Discover your Energy Body. This course if free to take. This is the first video I watch on this course. Well, tonight I will watch at least one more of it.

Then, I also write about my trip to Melaka previous week. I have write some big line of the subject. I haven’t finish it yet. Today, I will continue write about it.

Last, I do some little progress on my client project. I have create the database for this project on my hosting place. Today I will continue to make some progress of it.

Wew, look like a boring write when I ended it with my plan for today :D.